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Beauty, function and emotion

The objects around us have the power to affect how we behave or feel, whether we are aware of it or not. Design is a tool that shapes the context of our lives and it should be used to enhance both individual and collective sense of wellbeing.

Every product is a channel to an experience, and every experience has an emotional component attached to it. We should therefore design enjoyable material experiences that makes people feel good.

I also believe in a holistic design approach that takes into consideration sustainability not only from an environmental perspective but also from an emotional point of view. When a much more intense relationship between people and their possessions is encouraged as a way to ensure its endurability, it consequently elongates the lifespan of products and prevents them to end up in landfills.

About me

I am a research led product designer with a focus in designing thoughtful and functional products that facilitate the creation of meaningful relationships between people and objects.

My practice is based around an understanding of manufacturing processes and material experimentation combined with an intuitive approach to colour and a keen eye for detail.

I never start with an empty page; fascination for a material, tradition, technique or colour always set the foundation of my projects. Then, I allow my curiosity to direct my creative process.

I graduated from the Design Products programme at the RCA in June 2017.


2017: M.A. Design Products, Royal College of Art, London
2015: Bachelor Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development, UPV, Valencia
2015: Interior Design, Gaia Restauracion, Valencia
2014: Jewellery Techniques I and II, Fabrika12, Valencia


2017: Gandia winner of Ruth Drew Prize
2017: Gandia Nominated for the Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation Award 2017